Characteristics of Good Massage Oils

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There are many different types of oil which can be used as massage oils. Some are good and some are excellent to use in this manner. I personally used to think that baby oil was the best to use for massage and I used it. At this point in life I know better. You would think that baby oil is good to use as massage oil because it is made for use on infants. This is true and it is good when used as intended, but it is not a good product to use as for massage. Baby oil is designed to protect the babies skin from damage caused by wearing diapers so it is good for forming a protective barrier and not for nourishing the skin. The ideal massage oil should be one which is beneficial to the skin of the person who uses it. It should be readily absorbed into the skin. The best massage oils are not oily but light so that the skin will absorb them. They should also have healing or therapeutic properties. So that while the oil in or on the skin it is also working to produce other benefits. This is the reason why we only use pure, natural, therapeutic oils as massage oils.

Now let me take this a step further. When you choose a massage oil to use you should first consider the condition of the skin of the person who you are going to use it on. Is the skin oily or dry? Does the person suffer from some skin condition? Does he or she suffer from sunburn? Has the skin been traumatized recently? You may also blend different types of therapeutic oils if you want to treat a variety of conditions or if you want to tailor the effect of the oil. This is why we offer a wide variety of natural therapeutic oils to our customers. We offer oils which have different therapeutic effects. You can also mix different massage oils that we offer to heal a variety of skin conditions. Many people have sensitive skin. When giving these people a massage you have to use products which are pure and natural to prevent adverse chemical reactions. This is the reason we only use oils which are 100% pure and natural. Their freshness is also guaranteed. Many companies will use vegetable oils as fillers. The problem with vegetable oil is that it will grow rancid after a period of time. It is also normally too heavy to use for massage. We guarantee the freshness of every oil product that we sell. Store them in a cool, dry place for continued freshness. We do not use cheaper oil based products to stretch the massage oils that we sell to you.

You get a product which is totally pure. The massage oils that we offer to you are odorless, but you can blend them with some of our essential oil products for added benefits to the skin. Keep in mind though that most essential oils have a fragrance and some of it is not desirable if you plan on being in public after the massage. One such product is Tea Tree oil. Tea Tree oil is a wonderful therapeutic product and is good for a very wide variety of skin ailments. I highly recommend this product but it has a fragrance akin to eucalyptus so it is not good to use if you will be around people immediately after you apply it to your skin.

You can also add fragrance to your massage oil for an extra benefit. If you choose to do so choose a fragrance which the subject of the massage enjoys. There are several ways to add fragrance to your massage oil. One way is to add the natural product which you want to leech the fragrance out of (such as rose petals) to the oil and allow it to sit for several weeks. Another way is to simply add a small amount of our scented body oils to the massage oil. For best results you may want to warm the oil before you apply it to the skin. Warming activates the active compounds in the oil and causes them to go to work. The rubbing action of the massage serves to do the same. We urge you to consider using all natural massage oils for your massage. Also use our essential oils, and/or scented body oils for special effect. Fragrance Oil Express