Tips From a Chiropractic Sports Physician to Help You Get Ready For Summer Activities

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As spring arrives, we find ourselves itching to prepare for summer vacations and activities. Whether we plan to spend our summer retreats at the beaches, historic parks, or playing in our own backyards, chiropractors stress the importance of easing your body into your summer activities.

Let’s face it-many of us use the winter as a respite to eat a little more and snuggle a little more, not much unlike a hibernating bear. Yet, when spring rolls around, we find ourselves eager to get back to body business and to adventure into the great outdoors. Simply stated, we are eager to get into swimsuit shape for our summer activities.

While swimsuit shape might consist of diet changes to drop a few unwanted pounds, it should also consist of body shaping exercises to re-train and strengthen the main muscles you’ll be using in your summer activities and attention to spinal alignment, as posture is your most dominant subconscious feature Will you be participating in water sports such as water skiing, swimming, scuba diving, or others? Will you be mountain hiking or going on extended nature or beach walks? Will you be playing Frisbee or tag football in your backyard? If you have avoided or limited physical activity during the winter, you’ll need to ease back into your active routine in order to avoid and reduce the potential for injuries. Starting with a 10k or a marathon is maybe not the best way to begin. However training for one absolutely can be!

Prevention is the key word here. It is much easier to avoid an injury than it is to rehabilitate the body after an injury. Chiropractors are advocates and specialists of prevention. They provide awareness and care for preventing injuries, helping people lead healthy lifestyles. Yet, many people only think to consult a chiropractor after an injury has occurred and in this thought they are Dead Wrong While a chiropractor can very effectively help you heal from an injury, healing takes time, time that you could be spending playing in the summer sun.

Strains, sprains and subluxations of the joints (misalignments causing dysfunction) are the most common summer time injuries that can be reduced or avoided with a little help. Here are some tips to help avoid these common injuries. Ease your body back into regular physical activity. Start a walking program. Walk ten minutes every other day then build to daily walks and extend your walking time maybe even adding in a little jog or two. Climb a flight of stairs at the mall or the office instead of taking the escalator or elevator. Don’t push yourself to climb several flights of stairs at one time until you are ready. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your body hydrated. A good rule of thumb is to drink 1 ounce of water for every 2 pounds of body weight. Start a daily stretching program and remember to stretch immediately before and after any exercise. Most importantly, know your limits. Challenge yourself appropriately but don’t push your body beyond its limits. That’s where injuries occur.

Consult a chiropractor to put together a proactive plan of care for prevention, optimal wellness, stretching and building into your summer activities. If possible, try to find a chiropractor who is also a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician??. These are chiropractors with a special certification in preventing and treating sports injuries and optimizing physical fitness. They use protocols to help minimize the risk of injury and enhance sports performance. They can help you customize a conditioning program focused on improving your balance, coordination, flexibility, range of motion, and body symmetry, ensuring that your body is ready for some summer fun.

The Benefits of Regular Massage

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Massage therapy is somewhat intimate as far as natural healing modalities go. Unfortunately, there is no way around this fact. The environment may be professional, but because this is such a hands-on occupation, some uncomfortable or embarrassing situations may arise. The field of promoting well-being and general heath is quire broad, which can run from therapists performing one of the basic massages to those, trained or specializing in a particular field, health condition, or muscular problem.

When choosing a massage table, it is very easy to get carried away on features and design. While these aspects are certainly important as well, your first priority should be the durability of the table, particularly if you expect to have a booming business with several customers coming in every single day. If you have rough or dull facial skin, massaging daily with natural oil before bed can help to restore moisture.

This will be especially helpful if you have sagging skin and dark circles underneath your eyes. In the end, your skin will have a look that is supple, softer and healthier. There are many artefacts throughout ancient civilizations that indicate that prehistoric men and women used massage Calgary se as well as herbs and oils in the regular care of their bodies.

Massage Calgary nw, as taught anciently by healers or physicians, was one of the most prominent forms of healthcare in the ancient world. All the techniques used during a massage target at benefiting the circulatory and lymphatic, musculoskeletal and the nervous system of the body. Apart for bringing relief from stress and muscle tension massages also help in clearing waste including lactic acid from the body.

To make the most of the moment, create a comfortable, warm atmosphere with natural lighting. Have equipment within easy reach and put your phone on silent. This way you will enjoy an uninterrupted massage. Wash your hands and remove any jewellery that could scratch. The individuals who have had the deep muscle massage performed on them will tell you of the many benefits they received from it.

Even though massage Calgary sw has been used for healing for many years, there is an increased interest in it today especially with the professionals for relieving many bodily problems and conditions. Just as we take our cars to the garage for regular check-ups and servicing, it follows that it is prudent to do the same with our bodies.

Regular massage can be thought of as a kind of check-up for our bodies – keeping our bodies in optimum health and acting as an early warning system for potential problems. If you are interested in the benefits that massage therapy can provide, then Heavenly massage therapy renowned massage therapy in Calgary. They deliver professional massage services as well as courses to teach you some of their tried and tested techniques.

Interesting Massage Therapies From Around The World

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All of us will agree that after a long hard week of stress and work, there is nothing more relaxing than getting yourself a massage. Not only do these spa therapies relax and revitalize your system, but there are a number of special techniques that originate from different parts of the world. These were created to serve their own unique purpose, and here are some of the most interesting and popular ones that you can opt for:

1. Ayurvedic Therapy: Originating from the culture rich country of India, this technique is similar to the acupressure techniques employed in China. They focus on pressure points across the body for healing and detoxification.

2. The Balinese Therapy: A fairly uncommon type of massage therapy, this is a combination of a number of therapies including the Swedish, deep tissue, aroma and even Reiki therapies.

3. Full Body Electric Massage: This is a perfect blend of the popular Thai massage that focusing on stretching and combining it with its Swedish counterpart that consists mainly of body rubs. This therapy adds a hint of spirituality into it by borrowing techniques from Buddhism. The body is healed by focusing on every chakra and even enhancing self-awareness and sensuality to oneself.

4. The Canadian Deep Tissue Massage: Specially designed to get rid of prevalent bolidy plains, Vancouver massage therapists are experts in helping you get rid of a number of problems related to the muscles. This type of therapy usually doesn’t take too long and is done while the person is clothed and seated on a chair.

5. Esalen Therapy: An innovative approach to conventional therapies this technique works on the person’s emotions. Their belief is that the power of human touch is strong enough to heal emotional troubles in any human being and they consider this as a psychological treatment for the receiver.

6. Five Element Shiatsu: This therapy consists of a rhythmic movement on the back and stomach that is believed to heal the body. The therapist will employ all of his or her senses to understand your body and the type of healing it requires. The therapy is then customized to cure the specific issues that are you facing.

7. The Russian Massage: This is another pain relieving massage and is done by giving alternating strokes of deep long ones followed by short and quick ones. Some people consider this to be a compilation of the Swedish as well as the sports massage.

In addition to this, there are a number of other therapies such as the Hawaiian lomi lomi, rolfing, the native American raindrop therapy, Thai herbal massage etc., that you can choose from to find the correct mode of therapy for yourself.

Touring London

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Everyone has to visit London at some point during their lifetime. It has so much to offer from its rich history to its vibrant present, a melting pot of cultures. There is so much to do and see in this bustling city that a visitor will never be at a loss for entertainment.

Of course a visit to London has to start with visits to the very famous landmarks. Starting with Buckingham Palace the royal residence, which was recently very much in the news due to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. If timed correctly you will be able to see the much written about changing of the guard and no matter how corny it may seem it is worth checking out.

The obvious place to visit next is Big Ben and the House of Parliament. This was built in 1840 after the previous building was destroyed by fire and is now a place much visited by tourists. Big Ben enjoys popularity all of its own and is world known even by those who have never visited London. The Tower of London with its macabre past of imprisonment and executions is another popular attraction. It has a colourful past at some point in time being a mint, an armoury, a royal residence and of course housing the Crown Jewels. Trafalgar Square with its thousands of pigeons though now mostly known for these hordes of pigeons is actually a popular venue for political rallies and has a statue of Admiral Lord Nelson to commemorate his naval victory in 1805.

For a more modern attraction which will give you a bird’s eye view of London go to the London Eye. It gives you a half hour all round view of the city in its observation wheel and is an experience not to be missed.

A visit to London is not limited to just the very popular sights alone. Depending on your interests you can visit such places like Abbey Road Studios synonymous with the Beatles fame. The British Library has to be visited by any true book worm, while being prepared to be stunned by the sheer number of books available or go to China Town with its knick knacks ideal for picking up some souvenirs. After all this wandering around London how about some pampering? Enjoy a massage, London has many affordable but quality options available to ease the aches and pains and rejuvenate you for the rest of your trip in London.