Massage Envy Timonium Makes a Difference in The Community on Both Large And Small Scales

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Nancy and Barry Boone opened up their first Massage Envy location in Timonium, Maryland after Barry, who suffers from Lyme disease, found that massage therapy in Timonium, MD helped him cope better with his illness. The couple is a firm believer in the power of natural healing, so once looking to open a new business, they found Massage Envy to be the perfect fit.

Beyond their belief that natural healing is imperative to personal health, the Boone’s also take giving back to the Timonium community very seriously. Since Massage Envy Spa Timonium opened in 2008, they have worked with outstanding organizations like Susan G. Komen for the Cure, raising money in the fight against breast cancer, the Arthritis Foundation, raising funds through various programs for those suffering from Arthritis, as well as many local charities and schools in the area.

Massage Envy Spa also makes it a priority to give the best possible customer service to all of their guests while forming genuine relationships at their spa in Timonium, MD. In fact, a guest was involved in an accident that left her a paraplegic. Bouncing back from the accident was no easy feat, but she turned to massage therapy at Massage Envy Spa Timonium and became a regular guest. The entire front desk staff and massage therapists really enjoy seeing her, and now she always spends at least an extra half hour after her service catching up with everyone.

“At Massage Envy Spa we treat everyone like they are family,” says owner Nancy Boone. “We have definitely built some strong bonds with our guests here and it is always a pleasure serving the individuals of Timonium. It really is such a warm and inviting community.”

As a thank you to all of their valued guests, Massage Envy Spa Timonium is offering a buy three gift cards get one promotional card free. Right now, guests who purchase three gift cards valued at $75 or more will receive one promotional card valued at a one-hour massage in Timonium, MD. Giving back has always been a part of Massage Envy Spa Timonium’s philosophy, which is why this holiday season, guests really get back what they give, with a free one-hour massage when they take part in this limited time promotion, ending on the 31st.

Buy The Right Massage Table From Online Stores

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As a massage masseur and therapists, it is very important to be able to identify the right kind of massage table for a good business. There are different varieties of massage tables available online. Manufactures offer tables ranging from basic wooden massage tables, portable massage tables to advanced electrical tables. Your career completely depends on how good the table is as only then can you provide a comfortable and relaxed massage to your clients.

There are different kinds of massages with specific requirements, demanding the table to support it with special features. Therefore one has to determine what kind of table does it requires accordingly. In general, massage tables are made of strong table base, thick foam padding, leather or vinyl covering, face and arm rests.

It is important to check how strong the table base is. It should be able to withhold the weight of the heaviest of the clients plus the weight of the masseur. If you want your equipment to last for long then buying quality products from trusted manufacturers will be a wise decision. Cheap tables sold at highly discounted price may not be able to support the basic weight leave alone the additional weight of the therapist.

The foam padding is another important feature to be given important consideration. If you want your clients feel comfortable during the massage look up for a table which offers thick foam padding. For more durability go for leather or vinyl cover which makes it easier to clean and sanitize.

Accessories like adjustable face rest and arm rest are additional features of a massage table which may come along with the equipment or be bought separately. They are important if your massage involves positions where the head and the arms need a support. Flexible adjustments done manually or electrically can be of great help for massages which concentrates on arms, legs and back. Apart form these there are small storage space underneath the table or on its side which can hold other essentials like oil, towels and other massage equipments.

Coming to the very important aspect of any purchase made online is the budget. How much you are willing to spend for a quality table will get you the best one. For a massage business, a high quality table is always an important investment and therefore buying from trusted brands and manufacturers is always preferred. There are specialized online stores who offer quality products at affordable prices. Stay away from non-specialized websites which may claim to offer discounts on massage products but mislead to something else. One can find the best deals on the web only if he is willing to make a thorough research.

Massage Therapy’s Role in Complementary And Alternative Medicine

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This article will explain some of the current popular therapies available that can substitute for the traditional method of visiting a medical doctor to be treated with either pharmaceutical prescription drugs or surgery. These “alternative” treatments can involve physical exercise and movement (yoga, dance therapy, Qi Qong, Tai Chi), manipulation of muscles, spine, or energy fields by a 3rd person (massage, chiropractic, Reiki), mental therapies (hypnotherapy, progressive relaxation), or ingestion of natural substances or preparations (herbs, vitamins, teas, botanicals, oils, microorganisms, minerals, homeopathic remedies, health foods).

Personal discipline goes hand-in-hand with maintaining good health – either the career discipline of the medical practitioner to learn to heal other people or the self-discipline of the patient to take care of his own health factors such as diet, exercise, and hygiene. In recent decades there has been an increased awareness that people should take more responsibility for their own health; there are things the doctors can do and things that they can’t do for a patient. The traditional medical doctor may not have the best approach: they see patients after the problem has come up; there is little opportunity to take preventative measures because the condition remains hidden until it starts causing bodily damage, discomfort, or pain.

Preventing a condition from developing in the first place is one of the aims of alternative medicine. There is wider acceptance today that energy is a major factor in health. Massage therapy helps to balance the body towards relaxation because it is known that stress has a negative effect on body tissue. When electromagnetic energy builds in a person’s system it creates a mini-laboratory complete with waste chemicals that have to be flushed out efficiently or else the system becomes clogged and inefficient.

When we speak of our nervous systems, circulatory systems, respiratory systems, digestive systems, et al., it may be assumed that they contribute to overall health or lack thereof. The word “system” comes from the Latin “systema” which was the word for Rome’s sewer, and developed to the English to mean those components or elements that share structure, behavior, and interconnectivity to a common purpose or function.

Massage therapy deals with the muscular system that allows us to move around and pump blood through the circulatory system. The muscular system is comprised of three types of muscle tissue: skeletal, smooth, and cardiac. They have focal points where motor neurons are attached; electrical impulse signals from the nervous system control the muscles. A person’s balance, coordination of limbs, etc. comes ultimately under the direction of the cerebellum of the brain. This can be demonstrated quickly by adding a fifth of vodka to the cerebellum in balance will degenerate in relation to the amount of alcohol in the system.

Massage therapists follow many different schools of thought regarding technique, but in general they will press, rub, and manipulate the soft tissue of the body. Massage can be used for rehabilitating sport injuries, easing pain, reducing stress, increasing relaxation, stimulating the body to get rid of waste cells, and eliminating depression. Being touched by another person can be therapeutic for those who suffer mental anguish from the human condition or their place in society; mental and physical factors intertwine constantly and so movement therapy such as Tai Chi ultimately calms the mind. Massage and other “holistic” health treatments recognize that energy fields do indeed exist and that mind and body are one.

Achieving pH Balance in an Acidic Lifestyle- Chiropractor Coogee

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People are living longer today. The reason isn’t due to increased health, but more medical intervention. More than ever before, our bodies are under attack from a variety of cultural shifts, including highly processed foods, increased stress, fast-paced lifestyles, and pollutants.

These threats are creating highly acidic environments within our bodies and killing the cells we need to survive. The human body needs an oxygenated environment to remain healthy. The pH (potential of Hydrogen) measures the ratio of acidity or alkalinity in a solution. Balance occurs when the pH slightly favors the alkalis. Acid excess stresses the organs. Over-acidification, or acidosis, results when there is more acid than the body can neutralize and detoxify. The more acid we have, the harder the organs – like adrenals, thyroid, and liver – have to work, which stresses the systems.

Eating fast and processed foods – and eating them on the run – is a major contributor to excess acid. Diets that are heavy with red meats, caffeine, soda, snacks filled with carbohydrates and sugar, and artificial sweeteners and additives lead to acidosis.

The body is a healing machine by nature, so it fights back when high acidity occurs. To achieve balance, the blood takes alkaline minerals – calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium – from the tissues.

When those reserves are depleted; alkalizes are taken from bones and muscles. Acid surplus is then directed into tissues and organs (heart, colon, liver, and/or pancreas) for storage and the overload is pumped back into the blood – creating a vicious cycle of “robbing Peter to pay Paul”.

With high acidity, the oxygen level drops and vital cells die. Imagine fish trying to survive in an acidic pond. They can’t breathe. The same happens to the cells in the human body, which are living in a liquid environment. As more cells die, the body becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, parasites, fungus, and virus. The immune system weakens and disease results. Relatively mild symptoms of phi balance include:

??? Skin eruptions and acne

??? Headaches

??? Colds and flu

??? Allergies

??? Sinusitis

??? Joint pain and stiffness

??? Nasal drip

???Hot flashes

??? Dizziness and weak spells

??? Weight gain or loss

??? Chronic fatigue

When the pH imbalance continues or worsens the severity of the disease increases. Osteoporosis, arthritis, heart attack, and even cancer have been shown to occur. While some cells die from the excess acidity, others survive but become abnormal. In “The Hidden Truth of Cancer”, Dr. Keiishi Morishita explains, “These abnormal cells are called malignant cells. Malignant cells do not correspond with brain function nor with our own DNS memory code. Therefore, malignant cells grow indefinitely and without order. This is cancer.” With a healthy pH balance, the malignant cells cannot survive, the immune system is strong, and we maintain optimum vitality.

Testing for pH balance

Since the human body is 70 percent water, we have pH levels in saliva, blood, and other fluids-and they’re not necessarily the same. Because different parts of the body have different functions, the balance of acid and alkali will vary. Healthy skin, for example, is slightly acidic (approximately 5.5) to battle such environmental threats as bacteria and toxins, while blood is slightly alkaline (7.35-7.45). The pH of the digestive tract, for example, varies depending on the stage it is undergoing. Overall, it is acidic in order to process the foods we eat. There are various screening tools that can measure the body’s pH:

pH Screening – Litmus strips test pH levels in urine and saliva, but need to be measured daily over a week or so to get an accurate reading.

Urinary Indican test – This simple test measures bacteria levels to identify potential gastrointestinal problems.

Live Blood Analysis – Looking at live blood cells in vitro provides evidence of nutritional deficiencies, organ dysfunction, and various biochemical imbalances, including pH. Screening for pH imbalance is an easy process and should be included in regular check-ups.


Patients can avoid the distress of harboring an acidic environment by first identifying the problem and then making lifestyle adjustments to bring their biological terrain back into a healthy mode. A diet rich with leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, legumes, unprocessed foods, healthy grains (oats, quinoa, wild rice, amaranth), and natural sweeteners (stevia, raw honey) is a great start. Limit highly acidic animal proteins – particularly red meats and shellfish – and beverages such as coffee, black tea, soda, wine, and liquor. Choose fresh (not processed) juices. Snack on hazelnuts, almonds, raisins, grapes, and apples instead of cookies, candy, and crackers. Add a squirt of lemon or lime juice to beverages and vegetables for both flavor and the alkalizing effect of these citrus fruit (yes, even though they are acidic fruits, they process as alkali in the body). Use sea salt, which is richer in minerals than common table salt.

Nutritional supplements are also helpful for maintaining pH balance, but patients need to remember the key word here: “supplement”. They are not substitutes to a healthy diet, nor are all vitamins created equal. Look for a natural supplement – without dyes, allergens, and artificial preservatives – that is bio-available, meaning that the contents are readily absorbed into the body.

PH imbalance presents an ongoing threat to the health of your patients. Educate them as to the importance of making the right lifestyle choices and give them the tools to manage their pH levels. It’s easy to ignore pH levels, but the consequences can be harsh, if not deadly.


Michelle Thomas is an accredited Nutritionist who recently completed over five years with the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, a world leader in biomedical research. She joined Chirosports in Coogee in 2011. With particular interest in detoxification, weight loss, pre-conception care, and mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression, Michelle keeps up to date with current research, and uses the latest screening tools to bring bodies, back into balance.